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I have been a member of IEEE UP section for long. I did attend a couple of meeting of GBM in the past. Unfortunately, I have not been able to appreciate section's role in elevating the technical contributions and how section as a whole have been able to leverage its influence over global IEEE community. I do admit my share of blame (being unable to inspire or proactively participate in activities of sections). Through this discussion, my intention is to create an initiative whereby IEEE UP section and its members can become professionally more focused as a community. I would expect that organization of events should be planned rather than one time proposal based events. Mentoring student members could perhaps gradually create an environment towards achieving this goal. Just as I was writing this note, I saw a mail from Swami Monohar (former professor of IISc) about JED-i. I think such ideas can become template of student activities. Similar template based ideas can be generated for other non-student activities. I would appreciate inputs from other members to turn this discussion as a catalyst for change., 17 January 2012