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23:33, 6 December 2013SPARC Patent x4198A.pdf (file)Ukapoor62 KB (Patent to implement fast cache accesses required for high-performance applications including HPC applications.)1
23:13, 6 December 20132001 Financial Express India.pdf (file)Ukapoor586 KB (UltraSPARC III, Cheetah core based CPU announced in Financial Express. Cheetah was the highest performance processor with multiple world records at the time of its release.)1
23:11, 6 December 2013Fujitsu Press Release 1987.pdf (file)Ukapoor1.81 MB (1987 Fujitsu Press release for SPARC)1
23:10, 6 December 20132001 The Register on US-3 - Annc.pdf (file)Ukapoor1.06 MB (UltraSPARC III, Cheetah core based CPU announced. The product was announced in New York in a machine named Excalibur)1
23:08, 6 December 20132000 The Register on US-3.pdf (file)Ukapoor1.06 MB (UltraSPARC III based upon Cheetah architecture released to the market. This was the highest performance processor of the time.)1
23:07, 6 December 20131999 Fujitsu Sun Press Release-1 - JRC with FJ.pdf (file)Ukapoor1.28 MB (Sun SPARC and Fujitsu for Joint Research council to develop SPARC which was/is an open architecture.)1
23:05, 6 December 20131998 CNET on US-3-1 - Rdmap.pdf (file)Ukapoor1.44 MB (UltraSPARC III roadmap revealed. USIII was key in enabling dot-com internet era along with USII.)1
22:48, 6 December 20131997 Systeme (German).pdf (file)Ukapoor6.83 MB (Early UltraSPARC roadmap. SPARC transitions over to UltraSPARC V9 implementation. A major breakthrough in performance improvement with the implementation of 64bit instructions and large addressing capability,)1
22:42, 6 December 20131996 April Electronic News - embedded SPARC.pdf (file)Ukapoor2.62 MB (SPARC implemented for embedded space. SPARC then ported for RADHARD applications for space applications.)1
22:38, 6 December 20131995 Sun Press Release for US-I 1st VIS.pdf (file)Ukapoor3.4 MB (SPARC was first to introduce SIMD in a processor.)1
22:35, 6 December 2013SPARC-TI fabless model.pdf (file)Ukapoor1.2 MB (Sun SPARC to be made in fabless model with TI providing Turnkey service.)1
06:54, 4 December 2013Beijing Section Permission.pdf (file)Fubinzhang132 KB 1
03:30, 4 December 2013Permission.pdf (file)Fubinzhang207 KB (This letter, which is submitted as part of the nomination material for the IEEE Milestone “The Abacus”, gives permission to place the proposed IEEE milestone plaque on the site of the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Science)1
18:28, 2 December 2013Osborne Davies Saam - Copy.JPG (file)Administrator1131 KB 1
14:06, 27 November 2013Fig 2 - Experimental setup by Heinrich.jpg (file)Administrator1148 KB 1
14:06, 27 November 2013Fig 1 - Sculpture of Heinrich Hertz.jpg (file)Administrator1130 KB 1
05:29, 25 November 2013AP-S Chronology 2005.pdf (file)K3hz1.22 MB 1
10:10, 23 November 2013Hertz Nom KIT Agreement.pdf (file)Dieter Mlynski38 KB 1
23:28, 22 November 20131991 SPARC Anant Robert Paper.pdf (file)Ukapoor4.62 MB (SPARC technical paper: A number of new features were introduced at the time by SPARC and specifically aimed at returning performance - a high business value. The architecture was licensed by numerous companies specifically because of the performance deliv)1
23:20, 22 November 20131988 - LSI mfg.pdf (file)Ukapoor1.13 MB (SPARC manufacturing agreement was signed with LSI. SPARC pioneered the fabless manufacturing model when it signed an agreement with LSI for manufacturing the high-performance processor. An agreement was signed with LSI for manufacturing the chipset as wel)1
23:16, 22 November 20131987 Oct Wall Street Journal - Xerox-SPARC lic.pdf (file)Ukapoor1.56 MB (SPARC is designed in by Xerox corporation. In order to boost the performance of Xerox's word processing capabilities, Xerox starts using SPARC systems. SPARC gained enormous number of key wins in numerous applications and this was one of them.)1
23:12, 22 November 20131987 March 10 San Jose Mercury News - Unisys-Sun lic.pdf (file)Ukapoor1.45 MB (SPARC designs were licensed by Unisys aimed at boosting their mainframe performance. Unisys was the second largest mainframe supplier behind IBM and SPARC design license would provide them the ability to effectively compete. )1
23:00, 22 November 20131987 Computer system news 10MIPs.pdf (file)Ukapoor3.13 MB (First SPARC processor achieves 10MIPs. As compared to the leader, VAX, SPARC demonstrated performance was 10times that of VAX as measured in VAX MIPS. It was truly an achievement at that time making SPARC the leader in Processor performance)1
11:16, 20 November 2013Abbey road JS.pdf (file)AlanBlumlein192 KB (Letter from Abbey Road)1
18:49, 19 November 2013DEC - Terms and Conventions.flv (file)Administrator11 B 1
18:49, 19 November 2013DEC - Problem Solving.flv (file)Administrator11 B 1
18:47, 19 November 2013DEC - Peripheral Devices.flv (file)Administrator11 B 1
18:47, 19 November 2013DEC - Operating Systems.flv (file)Administrator11 B 1
18:47, 19 November 2013DEC - Instruction Sets.flv (file)Administrator11 B 1
14:28, 14 November 2013TV Broadcasting TV Shows We Used To Watch 1955 Television advertising.jpg (file)Administrator117 KB 2
16:47, 13 November 201313-11-13 IEEE Milestone Proposal First Generation and Proof of Electromagnetic Waves 1886-1888 Mlynski.pdf (file)Dieter Mlynski38 KB 1
18:35, 11 November 2013IEEE-Paper Dr. Hammad.pdf (file)Administrator13.88 MB 1
19:50, 10 November 2013Vscs-1.jpg (file)Gjuette119 KB 1
19:33, 10 November 2013IMG 1356-substation looking south.jpg (file)Gjuette3.52 MB 1
19:32, 10 November 2013IMG 3320-smoothing reactor.pdf (file)Gjuette2.11 MB 1
16:48, 9 November 2013IMG 1347-control desk.pdf (file)Gjuette2.95 MB (Reverted to version as of 16:32, 9 November 2013)3
15:17, 9 November 2013IMG 1400-thyristor valves.jpg (file)Gjuette3.8 MB 1
21:56, 8 November 2013Ref. 4 Observations on Low SCR Stations-MCCS&SCS.pdf (file)Gjuette1 MB 1
21:55, 8 November 2013Ref. 3 Power Mod of SCS - Part 2-Computer Simulation.pdf (file)Gjuette1.56 MB 1
21:54, 8 November 2013Ref.2 Incorporating AC Voltage Regulation in HVDC Schemes.pdf (file)Gjuette2.6 MB 1
21:52, 8 November 2013Ref.1 CIGRE-Advanced Concepts & Commissioning-SCS.pdf (file)Gjuette941 KB 1
17:25, 8 November 2013Ref. 5 IEEE-Paper Dr. Hammad.pdf (file)Gjuette3.88 MB (CIGRE Paper)1
21:00, 4 November 2013Cunningham cover hard copy001.jpg (file)Administrator4472 KB (Cover image of Joseph Cunningham's book New York Power)1
13:02, 31 October 2013Ieee membership 1963-2012.jpg (file)Administrator158 KB 1
14:22, 30 October 2013Present June 2007 Conf Business Stats SHP 14Jun07 (1).ppt (file)JVig199 KB (The attached file shows the growth in the number of IEEE conferences between 1990 and 2006. It also shows the budgeted attendances and the geographic distribution of locations.)1
21:29, 28 October 2013Charles Wright obituary .pdf (file)Johnm00171 KB (Charles R. (Charlie) Wright was a dedicated IEEE volunteer who had a long and distinguished career in the IEEE Denver Section and IEEE Region 5.)1
20:48, 28 October 2013Denver Section Past Chairs.pdf (file)Johnm001164 KB (This file contains a listing of past Denver Section Chairs. This list includes chairs of the Denver American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE) from 1915 to 1963, chairs of the Denver Section of the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE) from 1949 to 19)1
14:30, 28 October 2013Central Illinois - Summary of Activities, 1955-1956.pdf (file)Amasotto512 KB 1
14:27, 28 October 2013Central Illinois - Report of meeting at Decatur, 1955.pdf (file)Amasotto2.09 MB 1
14:24, 28 October 2013Central Illinois - Nominating Committee Report.pdf (file)Amasotto299 KB 1

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