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About the program

In the Fall of 2011 the IEEE History Center partnered with Ron Mak from San Jose State University and his History of Computing course. The final project of the course was to write an article on the Global History Network detailing the history of an important topic in computing. These articles are listed below.


The encryption war of WWII: the Enigma encryption machine, by Philip Gebhardt

History of Memory and Storage Systems, by Stefan Gloutnikov

Past programming languages and their influences on today's languages and programming paradigms, by Youn Kim

Internet and Social's Influence on Programming Evolution, by Yulian Kuncheff

The History of Natural Language Processing, by Ryan Lichtig

Evolution of Social Networking, by Weili Liu

History of Lossless Data Compression Algorithms, by Michael Riha

Why Instruction Sets No Longer Matter, by Steve Terpe

Biology and Computers: A lesson in what is possible, by Stephen Voglewede