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About Vince Gulden

Raised in central Pennsylvania, Vince Gulden graduated from Dickinson College in 1937 with degrees in chemistry and physics. Gulden then attended Lafayette College where he received his masters in physics, after which he went to work at Standard Piezo Company which made quartz crystals for radios. In 1941, Gulden went to NCR under Joe Desch where he worked with radios, vacuum tubes and counting circuits. Gulden also recounts the war effort at NCR, including the move to Building 26, the Bombe project and Rattler. After the war, he talks about working on transistors and various accounting machines, staying at NCR until 1973.

Gulden discusses the atmosphere of Building 26 during the war, and the general sense of secrecy and the way it affected the memory of those who worked there. He also talks about the general push for patents over products at NCR, and Joe Desch.