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New Orleans Section History

Origins of the New Orleans IEEE Section

AIEE Section established on 12/8/1933, AIEE District 4, 32 members

Chairman J.M. Todd; Secretary F.E. Johnson

IRE Section established on 11/11/1953

Chairman James C. Ryan

IEEESection established 7/1/1963, IEEE Region 3, 850 members

Chairman M.L. Hurstell; Secretary E.S. Dobbs

New Orleans IEEE Section joined Region 5 January 1, 1987.

Chairman John W. Schilleci

Site established by Stephen D. Bourg, Chairman 2008 - 2009

Link to Section Homepage

New Orleans History Web Links;'_screw$Content/News/$File/Press-release-TPP-pump-12-16-05.pdf;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Org Chart 10 Rev 3 Model.pdf
Org Chart 2012 R1.pdf