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[[Media:IEEE_Geographic_Unit_Organizing_Document-Bangladesh.pdf|IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - Bangladesh]] [[Category:IEEE]] [[Category:Geographical_units]] [[Category:Sections]]
[[Media:IEEE_Geographic_Unit_Organizing_Document-Bangladesh.pdf|IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - Bangladesh]]
[[Category:IEEE|Bangladesh]] [[Category:Geographical units|Bangladesh]] [[Category:Sections|Bangladesh]]

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The IEEE Bangladesh Section was formed in 1993. It is located in Region 10, and is not represented at any Council.

Section Officers

Year Chair Vice Chair Secretary / Treasurer
1993 Shahidul I Khan - -
1994-95 Shahidul I Khan Hasibur Rahman Rabiul Alam
1996-97 A B M Siddique Hossain Mohammad G Mollah Muhammad Abdul Hye
1998-99 A B M Siddique Hossain Rabiul Alam Muhammad Abdul Hye
2000 Shahidul I Khan
2001-02 Shahidul I Khan
2003-04 Shahidul I Khan
2005-06 Shahidul I Khan
2007 Khosru Quazi
Abdur Razzaque

Md Aynal Haque / 

Abul Hasnat

2008 Prof Anyal Hague
Quazi D. M. Khosru

Toufiqul Islam /

Abdur Razzaque

2009 Md Aynal Haque Abm H Rashid Mohammad S Alam / Abdur Razzaque

IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - Bangladesh