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Devices used in optics such as lenses, mirrors, and light deflectors

Optics from the Lighthouse Marienleuchte used in 1875- Image by Wusel007
Optics from the Lighthouse Marienleuchte used in 1875- Image by Wusel007


  • Collimators - a device that narrows a beam of particles or waves
  • Displays - a device which displays light to interact with users
  • Holographic optical components - components that allow light to be scattered from an object to be recorded and reconstructed later
  • Lenses - an optical element which converges or diverges light
  • Light deflectors - devices that deflect light
  • Lighting - the production of visible light
  • Luminescent devices - devices that emit light from a substance not resulting from heat
  • Mirrors - an object which reflects light
  • Optical amplifiers - a device which amplifies an optical signal without converting it to an electrical signal
  • Optical arrays - a series of optical devices or objects to reflect,refract or transform light
  • Optical filters - devices which selectively transmit light of different wavelengths
  • Optical resonators - or a resonant optical cavity, an arrangement of optical components which allows a beam of light to circulate in a closed path
  • Optical retarders - an object that alters the polarization of light traveling through it
  • Optical sensors - a device which detects and measures light
  • Thermooptical devices - devices where a change in temperature changes optical properties

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