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Power electronics used in an industrial setting
Power electronics used in an industrial setting
[[Image:Industrial Electronics Glucose meter assembly.png|200px|thumb|right|An assembly analysis of blood gloucose meter - Image by Massestephanie]]
== Subcategories ==
== Subcategories ==

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Power electronics used in an industrial setting


  • Assembly systems - electronics used to assemble parts in a systemic process
  • Computer aided manufacturing - or CAM, the use of computers to design the layout and process of manufacturing
  • Cryogenic electronics - electronics that operate at extremely low temperatures to facilitate conductivity
  • Industrial control - a control system for a manufacturing process that allows continual monitoring
  • Machine control - the software and systems used to control machine operation remotely
  • Manufacturing automation - the mechanization of the manufacturing process to the point where it requires little or no human intervention
  • Testing - the use of electronics for testing


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