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[[Media:Letters_from_IRE_to_Military_Personnell.pdf|Letters from IRE to Military Personnell]] (pdf)
[[Media:Letters_from_IRE_to_Military_Personnell.pdf|Letters from IRE to Military Personnell]] (pdf)
[[Category:Communications|IRE]] [[Category:Radio communication|IRE]] [[Category:Culture and society|IRE]] [[Category:Defense & security|IRE]] [[Category:World War II|IRE]]
[[Category:Communications|IRE]] [[Category:Radio communication|IRE]] [[Category:Engineering and society|IRE]] [[Category:Military applications|IRE]] [[Category:World War II|IRE]]

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Misc. IRE Correspondence: Archival Documents

Content, Edward J. Letter to Lt. Col. C.J. McIntyre, Special Services. New York, NY, Apr 4. 1944.

Content, Edward J. Letter to Maj. Gen. H.C. Ingles, Chief Army Signal Officer, New York, NY, Jun 13, 1944.

War correspondence, Misc. IRE Correspondence, Box HB-096

IEEE Archives, Piscataway, NJ

Letters from IRE to Military Personnell (pdf)