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[edit] Background

IRE Banquet at Luchow's, 1915
IRE Banquet at Luchow's, 1915

Throughout the course of electrical engineering history, inventors, engineers, corporations and laboratories have driven the technologies that we enjoy today. Topics in this category deal with the people and organizations behind technological innovation.

[edit] Subcategories

  • African-American pioneers - Though African Americans have faced a number of hurdles, and continue to do so even today, many have contributed a great deal to science and technology over the years.
  • Corporations - Business corporations who have interests in advancing technology
  • Engineers - People who use applied science mathematics to develop solutions to real world problems
  • Government - Governments have a long standing history of furthering the development of technologies, especially in times of war
  • Inventors - People who craft new devices and creations
  • Non-profit - Organizations which use their surplus funds to pursue their missions
  • Research and development labs - Laboratories established for the purpose of performing research and development
  • Scientists - People who study the natural sciences
  • Universities - Academic institutions which provide for formal education and research