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"Mother of All Demos" +SRI lobby


16-bit Monolithic DAC +The milestone plaque would be installed outside the Semiconductor Building that has other TI landmarks installed. The outside location is chosen so that anyone at the building can easily see the milestone and its significance. If awarded, a duplicate marker would be placed in TI Tucson where the product design and manufacturing actually happened.


ASCII MIlestone - IEEE NJ Coast Section +This site is the AT&T Labs Building, 200 S Laurel Ave , Middletown, NJ 07748 There is a mounted bust of Alexander Graham Bell in the vicinity of where the plaque will be installed.
Ampex Videotape Recorder - 1956 +Stanford University, Green Library. The original Ampex sites essentially do not exist; Stanford has shown the most interest in exhibiting and preserving Ampex's history and has the VTR on display. Stanford is geographically close to Ampex's original headquarters and is an acknowledged center of Silicon Valley EE innovation.
Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) +Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, of Cambridge, MA, home of Charles Stark Draper, the man who lead the efforts of MIT Instrumentation Laboratory, the place where AGC was invented and developed. A second milestone plaque is being considered for the MIT campus.


BIRTH OF THE PC OPERATING SYSTEM 1974 +Gary Kildall (1942 – 1994) developed the first working prototype of the CP/M operating system in his home on Bayview Avenue, Pacific Grove in 1973 and 1974. In 1976 he incorporated Digital Research, Inc. (DRI) to commercialize the program and released version 1.3. The intended site for the plaque, a two-story Victorian residence at the corner of Lighthouse Avenue and Willow Street, served as the DRI headquarters building from 1978 to 1991. This was the site of a contentious 1980 IBM visit to negotiate a licensing agreement to offer CP/M as the operating system for the company’s upcoming personal computer.
Bell Telephone Laboratories 1925 - 1984 +The proposed milestone plaque would be located in the lobby or in the Hall of Innovation museum adjacent to the lobby of Building 6, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, 600 Mountain Ave, Murray Hill, NJ, within the IEEE North Jersey Section.
Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc., 1925-1983 +In the lobby of the Hall of Innovation museum adjacent to the lobby of Building 6, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, 600 Mountain Vae, Murray Hill, NJ
Birth and Growth of Primary and Secondary Battery Industries in Japan +-Intended plaque sites of GS Yuasa Corporation: (1) GS Yuasa International Ltd., Kyoto Head Office: Entrance Hall on the ground floor. (2) GS Yuasa International Ltd., Tokyo Head Office: Entrance Hall on the ground floor. (3) GS Yuasa International Ltd., Kyoto Head Office, Global Technical Head Quarters: Entrance Hall on the ground floor. -Intended plaque sites of Panasonic Corporation: (1) Panasonic Corporation, Automotive & Industrial Systems Company Head Office: Entrance Hall on the ground floor. (2) Panasonic Corporation, Energy Device Business Division Head Office: Entrance Hall on the ground floor. (3) Panasonic Corporation, Portable Rechargeable Battery Business Group Head Office: Entrance Hall on the ground floor.
Birthplace of the Bar Code, 1948 +The plaque will be affixed to a permanent wall on the ground floor in the Edmund D. Bossone Research Enterprise Center, Drexel University, 3140 Market Street Philadelphia, PA 19104 USA (39.95554342883535, -75.18626689910889). The Bossone Center is placed in the general area where in 1948 the first discussions on barcodes took place between Silver, Woodland and others. This is a public area, well lit, and accessible without restriction Monday to Friday from 7AM to 11PM local time. No appointment requirements nor security barriers limit access at those times.
Birthplace of the SPICE Circuit Simulation Program, 1971 +The plaque will be affixed to a permanent wall just inside the main entrance to Cory Hall at the University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720 USA. Cory Hall is the Electrical Engineering building at UC Berkeley and is the building where all three versions of SPICE were developed.


CRC102-A activated at Politecnico di Milano by Luigi Dadda +If possible, we will place the plaque both on the original location of the machine (which is now a teaching building), and a more visible one in the highly visible display room where the original machine is currently exhibited.


DISCOVERY OF SUPERCONDUCTIVITY 1911 +The Milestone Plaque will be mounted in or near the entrance hall to the Kamerlingh Onnes Building at the University of Leiden, Leiden, The Netherlands. Prior to renovations of this building about ten years ago, the Physical Laboratory of the University of Leiden was housed in this building. The entrance hall in the renovated building occupies the same space as did Room 1 of the old Physical Laboratory where the discovery of superconductivity was made on April 8, 1911. Therefore, mounting the Milestone Plaque in the entrance hall of the Kamerlingh Onnes Building and dedicating it on April 8, 2011 would be totally appropriate as it would be on the “exact” location where the discovery was made and would be exactly 100 years after the discovery. The building where the Plaque willbe mounted is: Kamerlingh Onnes Building University of Leiden Steenschuur 25 1211 ES Leiden. The Netherlands The Milestone Plaque would be mounted in or near the entrance hall of the building which would be the exact location in the building were the discovery was made on April 8, 1911
Development of the Erbium-Doped Optical Fiber Amplifier +Milestone Plaque will be placed in front of the Southampton University Library, Southampton, Hampshire, UK. This location receives a large amount of foot traffic and is about 100 meters from the building in which the work was done.


Eel River Back-to-Back High Voltage Direct Current Converter Station, 1972 +If successful in receiving this acknowledgment, NB Power would organize a celebration event in conjunction with Engineering Week, which is held annually in February. We would propose an event be held at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, along with representatives from the IEEE, and IEEE NB Section. In addition, we would invite key stakeholders and the media to attend. After the plaque is received, it would be displayed in the main lobby of our Dalhousie Generating Station, where it would be visible to employees and visitors for viewing.
Emergency Warning Code Signal Broadcasting System +The intended site of the milestone plaque is NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories (STRL). 1-10-11 Kinuta, Setagaya, Tokyo, 157-8510, Japan
Enrico Fermi's major contribution to semiconductor statistics, Florence, Italy, 1926 +Prof. E. Fermi developed the mentioned theory when he taught at the students of the two-year preliminary course of Engineering of the University of Florence. Since he was teaching at the School of Engineering of the University of Florence when he developed the theory, and because of the paramount importance of Fermi’s Statistics in semiconductors, and hence in electronic engineering, we propose the main hall of the School of Engineering for Plaque placement. Passing through the chosen hall is necessary to go the the President’s Offices, to the thesis discussion room and to the elevators to many of the departments, hence of very high visibility. The plaque will be mounted on the wall next to the Plaque enumerating the Presidents of the School since its foundation.


First 500 MeV proton beam from the worlds largest cyclotron +The plaque will be installed outside the cyclotron main control room near the site dedication plaque. (The first successful beam extraction was manually controlled from the main console in that room.)
First Blind Flight: A Joint IEEE-AIAA Milestone Proposal +This will be a joint designation with the AIAA. The milestone plaque will be installed in the Mitchel Field Flight Safety exhibit of the Cradle of Aviation Museum, 1 Davis Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530. The museum is located on the former site of the Mitchel Field U.S. Army Air Corps Base and the plaque will located just a few hundred feet from where the flight’s takeoff and landing originated.
First Digitally Processed Image from a Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar +We propose to mount the plaque in the lobby of MDA's headquarters at 13800 Commerce Parkway Richmond, BC V6V 2J3. Although this is not the location where the achievement occurred, it is where all follow on work at MDA in the area of SAR processing and applications has been pursued since the early 1990s.
First Industrial Scale Nuclear Reactor +The plaque will be mounted just outside the entrance to the B reactor.
First Integrated PWM Controller for Switching Power Supplies +The milestone plaque would be installed outside the SC Building that has other TI landmarks installed. The outside location is chosen so that anyone at the building can easily see the milestone and its significance.
First Millimeter-wave Communication Experiments by J.C. Bose, 1894-96 +The Presidency college Calcutta (now Kolkata), India, where he developed,invented tested the Millimeter wave communication system or his residence where he had worked mostly, now converted to BOSE INSTITUTE
First Optical Fiber Laser and Amplifier +The proposed site is in the Southbridge MA Town Common on Main Street directly across from the old American Optical main plant where the work took place. The Common is public land owned by Southbridge. On Jan 23, 2012 the Southbridge Town Council granted permission to place the Milestone plaque in the Common.
First Practical Field Emission Electron Microscope, 1972-1984 +The plaque will be installed outside the main building at the sites where FE technology and electron microscopes were developed. (1) Naka Division, Hitachi High Technologies Corporation (formerly Naka Works, Hitachi Ltd.) and (2) Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd.
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