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Tso-Ping Ma

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Dr. T.P. Ma's pioneering work in gate dielectrics increased integrated circuit operating speed and reliability, lowered cost per function, and raised density by a significant factor. Gate dielectrics are a critical element in metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) devices, the building blocks of today's silicon chips. Dr Ma, the Raymond John Wean Professor of Electrical Engineering and chair of the Electrical Engineering Department at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, recognized early the importance of gate tunneling current in MOS behavior. The semiconductor industry now recognizes this as a major issue in scaling future MOS technology.

He is co-author with Paul V. Dressendorfer of "Ionizing Radiation Effects in MOS Devices and Circuits." This has been hailed widely by colleagues as the most authoritative and comprehensive work on the subject.

A Fellow of the IEEE, Dr. Ma is a member of the U.S. National Academy of Engineering and has received the IEEE Electron Devices Society's Paul Rappaport Award.