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Motorola had an IBM 1800 application112:44, 12 April 2012

Motorola had an IBM 1800 application

In the late 1960's I was a technican for Motorola's Digital Instrumention Laboratory in Franklin Park, Illinois.  This was when Motorola had a consumer products division.  We developed test equipment that supported production lines for televisions and radios.  Our specialty was automated testing and alignment of coils in color TV sets.  We had a job to automate the testing and tuning of automobile radios for our plant in Arcade, New York.  Our team led by Stan Feldman selected an IBM 1800 for the job.  I was involved in the building and checkout of the interfacing electronics that fit in an aluminum box on top of the computer.  It believe it was all high-speed ECL logic which was new to me.  I always wondered why there was no room in that huge machine for interfacing electronics that we had to put this pimple on top of the computer.  Our test equipment was mounted in a rack that stood just to right of the computer.  I still have a picture of the system if anyone is interested.  I believe we programmed the IBM 1800 in machine language.

I was in the reserves at the time and I remember telling one of the guys who was an IBM repairman that we had an IBM 1800.  He told me no such computer existed!

Bunbun21:46, 11 April 2012

We'd love to have the photograph if you still have it! Feel free to upload it to the GHN or email me at if you would like us to process it. Thanks!

Administrator112:44, 12 April 2012