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This special page shows all uploaded files. By default the last uploaded files are shown at top of the list. A click on a column header changes the sorting.

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Thumbnail descDate Name User Size Description Versions
19:50, 10 November 2013Vscs-1.jpg (file)Gjuette119 KB 1
19:33, 10 November 2013IMG 1356-substation looking south.jpg (file)Gjuette3.52 MB 1
19:32, 10 November 2013IMG 3320-smoothing reactor.pdf (file)Gjuette2.11 MB 1
16:48, 9 November 2013IMG 1347-control desk.pdf (file)Gjuette2.95 MB (Reverted to version as of 16:32, 9 November 2013)3
15:17, 9 November 2013IMG 1400-thyristor valves.jpg (file)Gjuette3.8 MB 1
21:56, 8 November 2013Ref. 4 Observations on Low SCR Stations-MCCS&SCS.pdf (file)Gjuette1 MB 1
21:55, 8 November 2013Ref. 3 Power Mod of SCS - Part 2-Computer Simulation.pdf (file)Gjuette1.56 MB 1
21:54, 8 November 2013Ref.2 Incorporating AC Voltage Regulation in HVDC Schemes.pdf (file)Gjuette2.6 MB 1
21:52, 8 November 2013Ref.1 CIGRE-Advanced Concepts & Commissioning-SCS.pdf (file)Gjuette941 KB 1
17:25, 8 November 2013Ref. 5 IEEE-Paper Dr. Hammad.pdf (file)Gjuette3.88 MB (CIGRE Paper)1