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"Mother of All Demos"16-bit Monolithic DACASCII MIlestone - IEEE NJ Coast Section
Ampex Videotape Recorder - 1956Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC)BIRTH OF THE PC OPERATING SYSTEM 1974
Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc., 1925-1983Bell Telephone Laboratories 1925 - 1984
Birth and Growth of Primary and Secondary Battery Industries in JapanBirthplace of the Bar Code, 1948Birthplace of the SPICE Circuit Simulation Program, 1971
CRC102-A activated at Politecnico di Milano by Luigi DaddaColor Filter Array
DISCOVERY OF SUPERCONDUCTIVITY 1911Development of the Erbium-Doped Optical Fiber Amplifier
Eel River Back-to-Back High Voltage Direct Current Converter Station, 1972Emergency Warning Code Signal Broadcasting SystemEnrico Fermi's major contribution to semiconductor statistics, Florence, Italy, 1926
First 500 MeV proton beam from the worlds largest cyclotronFirst Blind Flight: A Joint IEEE-AIAA Milestone ProposalFirst Digitally Processed Image from a Spaceborne Synthetic Aperture Radar
First Industrial Scale Nuclear ReactorFirst Integrated PWM Controller for Switching Power SuppliesFirst Millimeter-wave Communication Experiments by J.C. Bose, 1894-96
First Optical Fiber Laser and AmplifierFirst Practical Field Emission Electron Microscope, 1972-1984First Practical Photovoltaic Solar Cell
First RISC MicroprocessorFirst Radio Astronomical Observations Using VLBI, 1967First Real-Time Speech Communication on Packet Networks
First Technical Meeting of AIEE 1884First generation and experimental proof of electromagnetic waves 1886-1888.First television broadcast in Western Canada
Gapless Metal Oxide Surge Arrester (MOSA) for electric power systems,1975Grumman Lunar ModuleHarvard Mark 1 Computer, 1944 - 1959
High-Temperature SuperconductivityHigh Temperature SuperconductivityHollow dielectric beam waveguide of sub-millimeter wavelength range, 1966
Honda Electro Gyrocator: The World's First Map-based Automotive Navigation System, 1981IEEE Milestone for the Demonstration of the First Working Laser in Malibu, CAImprovements in and relating to Sound-transmission, Sound-recording and Sound-reproduction systems by Alan Dower Blumlein
Interactive Video GamesInternational Standardization of G3 Facsimile in 1980Introduction of the Apple II Computer: 1977-1978
Introduction of the Apple I Computer: 1976Introduction of the Apple Macintosh Computer, 1984Invention and development of vapor-phase axial deposition (VAD) method for mass production of high-quality optical fiber for telecommunication
Invention of Holography by Dennis GaborInvention of Public-key Cryptography
John Logie Baird Inventions in TelevisionKeage Power Station: The Japan’s First Commercial Hydroelectric Plant, 1890-1897.Koenigs Wusterhausen
Krka – Šibenik Electric Power SystemLORANLine spectrum pair (LSP), an essential technology for high-compression speech coding, 1975
Mainline Electrification of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, 1895Marconi First Wireless Experiments, 1894-1895Mercury Spacecraft MA-6
Pearl Street StationRAMAN EFFECTResearch and education in electronics and communications at Cruft Laboratory, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science, 1915 to 1947
Rheinfelden Hydroelectric Power PlantRheinfelden Hydroelectric Power Plant, 1898 - 2010
Rincon del Bonete Hydroelectric Plant and Transmission SystemSAGE (Semi Automatic Ground Environment)SPARC RISC Architecture Introduction, 1987
Sharp 14-inch thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display (TFT-LCD) for TV, which has ushered in TFT LCD industrySonar, 100th birthday of Paul Langevin Invention 1917-2017
Special Citation Computer History MuseumTIROS 1TPC-1 System
The 20 inch Diameter Photomultiplier TubesThe AbacusThe Birthplace of Silicon Valley
The First Breaking of Enigma Code by the Team of Polish Cipher Bureau, 1932-39The First Optical Fiber Laser and AmplifierThe Floating Gate EEPROM, 1976-1978
The High Definition Television System, 1964-1989The MU (Middle and Upper atmosphere) radar, 1984The birth of WiFi
The first human rescue and life saving enabled by space technologyThe first satellite broadcasting to the public
The world’s first low-loss optical fiber for telecommunicationsToshiba T1100, a pioneering contribution to the development of laptop PC, 1985Trans-Atlantic Telephone Fiber-optic Submarine Cable (TAT-8) - 1988
Unidirectional MicrophoneVirginia Smith HVDC Converter Station with Integrated AC Voltage Control FunctionWeston Meters
Whirlwind ComputerWireless Transmission between Fixed Antenna and Moving Trains, 1913Worlds First Reliable High Voltage Power Fuse
Zenit three-coordinate L-band pulsed radar, 1938