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STARS-Proposal:Fax Machines

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Author: Jonathan Coopersmith


1843 First patent on facsimile transmission by Alexander Bain in Britain
1863 First commercial facsimile operating system by Abbe Caselli in France
1904 First facsimile transmission by telephone by Arthur Korn in Germany
1925 First commercial wirephoto system by ATT
1927 First international fax service between Germany and Austria
1928 First Japanese fax system
1935 Introduction of AP wirephoto service
1965 Introduction of the Xerox Telecopier
1977 Introduction of the Japanese READ fax standard
1980 Approval by the CCITT of the Group 3 fax standard
1986 Introduction by Gammalink of the PC faxboard
1997 Peak of fax machine sales in the United States
2000 Peak of fax machine sales in Japan



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