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STARS-Proposal:Digital Still Cameras

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Author: Motokazu Ohkawa


1973 Fairchild released the first commercial CCD chip (100 pixels x 100 pixels).
1975 Steven Sasson (Kodak) built a prototype digital camera.
1980 Kageyama et al. (Toshiba) submitted a paper on "Cassette Camera".
1981 Sony put the Electronic Still Camera (Floppy Camera) on the market.
1986 Kodak made the first megapixel image sensor (1.4 megapixels).
1986 Canon released an electronic still camera (RC-701) using the Still Video Floppy standard.
1988 Fujifilm developed a prototype of a digital still camera (DSC).
1989 Toshiba and Fujifilm jointly announced the first market model of a DSC.
1991 Kodak released a professional digital camera system for photojournalists.
1992 The JPEG standard was published by ISO/IEC.
1992 JEIDA announced the standard Exif of image file format for DSC.
1994 Casio announced the first consumer-oriented DSC QV-10 employing Exif.
1995 Casio put the DSC QV-10A on the market at a low price.
1997 The first megapixel cameras for the general consumer came on the market.
2000 Total sales of DSCs exceeded that of film cameras.



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