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Rao R. Tummala

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Rao R. Tummala is recognized as the father of modern packaging innovations that have revolutionized microelectronics packaging. Tummala’s pioneering inventions include the industry’s first plasma display and the first ceramic and thinfilm multichip packaging. He is regarded as the father of Low-Temperature, Co-fired Ceramic (LTCC) technology, an industry standard , and the father of Systems- on- Package (SOP) concept as Moore’s Law for system integration. His leadership made packaging an academic subject. He was instrumental in the establishment of the first National Packaging Research Center in US for leading-edge research, cross-disciplinary education and global industry collaborations. He has authored the first reference,first undergraduate and first graduate textbook that shaped the modern packaging landscape. An IEEE Fellow, Dr. Tummala is an endowed chair professor and director of the 3D Systems Packaging Research Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, Ga.