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Property:Milestone proposal submitted

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This is a property of type Boolean.

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High-Temperature Superconductivity +false  +
Hollow dielectric beam waveguide of sub-millimeter wavelength range, 1966 +false  +


IEEE Milestone for the Demonstration of the First Working Laser in Malibu, CA +false  +
Improvements in and relating to Sound-transmission, Sound-recording and Sound-reproduction systems by Alan Dower Blumlein +true  +
Interactive Video Games +true  +
International Standardization of G3 Facsimile in 1980 +false  +
Introduction of the Apple I Computer: 1976 +true  +
Introduction of the Apple II Computer: 1977-1978 +true  +
Introduction of the Apple Macintosh Computer, 1984 +false  +
Invention and development of vapor-phase axial deposition (VAD) method for mass production of high-quality optical fiber for telecommunication +true  +
Invention of Holography by Dennis Gabor +true  +
Invention of Public-key Cryptography +false  +


John Logie Baird Inventions in Television +false  +


Krka – Šibenik Electric Power System +true  +


LORAN +false  +
Line spectrum pair (LSP), an essential technology for high-compression speech coding, 1975 +true  +


Mainline Electrification of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, 1895 +false  +
Marconi First Wireless Experiments, 1894-1895 +false  +
Mercury Spacecraft MA-6 +true  +


Pearl Street Station +false  +


RAMAN EFFECT +false  +
Research and education in electronics and communications at Cruft Laboratory, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science, 1915 to 1947 +true  +
Rheinfelden Hydroelectric Power Plant +false  +
Rheinfelden Hydroelectric Power Plant, 1898 - 2010 +true  +
Rincon del Bonete Hydroelectric Plant and Transmission System +false  +
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