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Property:Milestone Site Owner Approval

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Has the owner of the site agreed to have it designated as the location of an Milestone?

This property has the type string and allows the values Yes and No

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LORAN +No  +
Line spectrum pair (LSP), an essential technology for high-compression speech coding, 1975 +Yes  +


Mainline Electrification of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, 1895 +Yes  +
Marconi First Wireless Experiments, 1894-1895 +Yes  +
Mercury Spacecraft MA-6 +Yes  +


Pearl Street Station +Yes  +


Research and education in electronics and communications at Cruft Laboratory, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science, 1915 to 1947 +Yes  +
Rheinfelden Hydroelectric Power Plant +Yes  +
Rheinfelden Hydroelectric Power Plant, 1898 - 2010 +Yes  +
Rincon del Bonete Hydroelectric Plant and Transmission System +Yes  +


SAGE (Semi Automatic Ground Environment) +Yes  +
SPARC RISC Architecture Introduction, 1987 +Yes  +
Sharp 14-inch thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display (TFT-LCD) for TV, which has ushered in TFT LCD industry +Yes  +
Sonar, 100th birthday of Paul Langevin Invention 1917-2017 +Yes  +
Special Citation Computer History Museum +Yes  +


TIROS 1 +Yes  +
TPC-1 System +Yes  +
The 20 inch Diameter Photomultiplier Tubes +Yes  +
The Abacus +Yes  +
The Birthplace of Silicon Valley +Yes  +
The First Breaking of Enigma Code by the Team of Polish Cipher Bureau, 1932-39 +Yes  +
The First Optical Fiber Laser and Amplifier +Yes  +
The Floating Gate EEPROM, 1976-1978 +Yes  +
The High Definition Television System, 1964-1989 +Yes  +
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