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TPC-1 System +[1] The plaque is to be placed where the visitors can access. [2] The plaque is to be placed where the visitors can access.
The 20 inch Diameter Photomultiplier Tubes +The plaque will be placed on a plinth of the grounds near the front entrance gate of the Toyooka Factory.
The Abacus +It is expected that the plaque location will be the square outside front door of the ICT building.
The Birthplace of Silicon Valley +The mounting will be outside in a public (monument) area readily accessible to the public.
The First Breaking of Enigma Code by the Team of Polish Cipher Bureau, 1932-39 +The plaque will be placed at the front entrance of the Institute's building facing the Sniadeckich Street
The High Definition Television System, 1964-1989 +The new milestone plaque will be installed next to the “First Direct Broadcast Satellite Service” plaque awarded in 2011, which is located outside the building of NHK Science and Technology Research Laboratories. The location will be suitable as every visitor to the laboratories will be able to see the milestone plaques.
The MU (Middle and Upper atmosphere) radar, 1984 +In the ground floor entrance hall.
The first human rescue and life saving enabled by space technology +TBD
Trans-Atlantic Telephone Fiber-optic Submarine Cable (TAT-8) - 1988 +Ground Floor Entrance Hall Lobby


Unidirectional Microphone +The plaque will be mounted on a wall in the lobby of Shure's worldwide headquarters in Niles, Illinois.


Virginia Smith HVDC Converter Station with Integrated AC Voltage Control Function +The plaque will be hung on the wall in the atrium of the Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) headquarters building in Lakewood, Colorado.


Zenit three-coordinate L-band pulsed radar, 1938 +On the outer wall of the ground floor entrance hall.
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