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Do the original buildings for the milestone still exist?

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SPARC RISC Architecture Introduction, 1987 +No
Sharp 14-inch thin-film-transistor liquid-crystal display (TFT-LCD) for TV, which has ushered in TFT LCD industry +Yes
Sonar, 100th birthday of Paul Langevin Invention 1917-2017 +New extant hosting "The Langevin Institute". The Langevin Institute is an extend of ESPCI
Special Citation Computer History Museum +not applicable


TIROS 1 +Yes
TPC-1 System +[1] The original building of "Ninomiya Cable Landign Station" still exists, but is no longer used (as of January 2014), and will be removed in the near future. Therefore, the plaque is to be placed at the building of KDDI Headquarter. [2] The original building in Hawaii no longer exists.
The 20 inch Diameter Photomultiplier Tubes +Yes.
The Abacus +Yes
The Birthplace of Silicon Valley +Not presently, but the plan is to demolish the building, which has been severely altered from the original.
The First Optical Fiber Laser and Amplifier +Yes
The Floating Gate EEPROM, 1976-1978 +No
The High Definition Television System, 1964-1989 +No
The MU (Middle and Upper atmosphere) radar, 1984 +Yes
The first human rescue and life saving enabled by space technology +Yes
The first satellite broadcasting to the public +No
The world’s first low-loss optical fiber for telecommunications +Yes
Toshiba T1100, a pioneering contribution to the development of laptop PC, 1985 +Yes
Trans-Atlantic Telephone Fiber-optic Submarine Cable (TAT-8) - 1988 +YES, this building is operational and used as labs facility housing nearly 5000 employees.


Unidirectional Microphone +The original building location is not a secure option.


Virginia Smith HVDC Converter Station with Integrated AC Voltage Control Function +Yes, the Virginia Smith HVDC Converter Station near Sidney, NE is operational.


Weston Meters +I don't believe so although I am in the process of checking.
Whirlwind Computer +Yes
Wireless Transmission between Fixed Antenna and Moving Trains, 1913 +Yes
Worlds First Reliable High Voltage Power Fuse +Yes


Zenit three-coordinate L-band pulsed radar, 1938 +Yes
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