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Oral-History:IEEE Communications Society

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IEEE Communications Society Oral Histories

Fred Andrews #380      Digital Networks

Paul Baran #378      Packet Communications

Vint Cerf #355     Internet

Donald C. Cox #364     Cellular Telephone

Joel Engel # 366      Cellular Telephone

Paul Green #373     Spread Spectrum Communications, Optical Switching

Irwin Jacobs #376     Spread Spectrum Communications

Amos Joel  (1992) #137     Telephone Switching Systems

Amos Joel  (1993) #163     Telephone Switching Systems

Richard Kirby #385      Radio Standards

Bob Lucky #361     Digital Communications

John Mayo #383     Telephone Switching, T-1 Carrier System

Laurence Milstein #381     Spread Spectrum Communications

Eugene O'Neill #415     Satellite Communications

Raymond Pickholtz #354     Spread Spectrum Communications

John Pierce #141, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3     Satellite Communications

Donald Schilling #356     Spread Spectrum Communications, 3rd Generation Wireless

Mischa Schwartz #360     Information Theory, Data Networks, Education

Jack Sipress #365     Undersea Cables

Dick Snelling #395     Fiber Optics in Telephone Networks

Keija Tachikawa #362     Mobile Communications, 3rd Generation Wireless

Andrew Viterbi #377     Coding, Digital Communications

Note: All of these interviews will be posted to the GHN in the near future. In the meantime, to read the interviews go to: