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Milestones:Pearl Street Station

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Thomas Alva Edison established the Edison Electric Illuminating Company of New York, now Consolidated Edison, to commercialize his 1879 incandescent lamp invention. On 4 September 1882, Edison’s direct current (dc) generating station at 257 Pearl Street, began supplying electricity to customers in the First District, a one-quarter square mile (0.65 square km) area. This installation was the forerunner of all central electric generating stations.

The milestone plaque may be viewed at the ConEdison headquarters building at 4 Irving Place, New York, NY.

Please see the detailed article by Carl Sulzberger attached below.

There is an article on the IEEE Global History Network on the Pearl Street Station [Pearl Street Station|]

Letter from the site owner giving permission to place IEEE milestone plaque on the property


Media:Edison and Pearl Street, Text, 031410.pdf‎

Media:Con Ed Approval.PDF‎|Pearl Street Milestone Support Letter