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Milestones:Milestone Program Frequently Asked Questions

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How long has the IEEE Milestone Program been in existence?

The IEEE Milestone Program was "born" on 18 April 1983 when the IEEE History Committee approved Dr. Friedel's proposal. Prior to that -- i.e. as early as 1977-- the American Society of Civil Engineers had invited IEEE to be a joint-designator of ASCE Landmarks which the ASCE was already in the process of dedicating.

Where can I order give-aways or promotional items to give away at the Milestone dedication ceremony? IEEE branded merchandise can be designed and ordered from

What are the payment methods the sponsoring IEEE Organizational Unit may use to pay for the plaque(s)?

Plaques may be paid for by five methods: Check, credit card (Visa or Mastercard), wire transfer, transfer to IEEE History Center account from IEEE organizational unit account, or by deduction from section rebate. IEEE History Center staff will provide payment details (e.g how to arrange deduction from section rebate, or transfer to History Center accouont) on the invoice that will be sent to the IEEE organizational unit.

My IEEE Organizational Unit has lined up corporate sponsorship or financial support for the milestone. Can I have that corporation pay for the milestone plaque?

It is always wonderful when an IEEE organizational unit can garner corporate support. However, the History Center muste must be paid for the plaque by the IEEE organizational unit, which may then be reimbursed by the corporate supporter.

The location where the plaque is eventually to be mounted is not a suitable venue to host a large dedication ceremony.  Must Milestone dedication ceremonies be held at the final plaque location? It is often the case that for reasons of weather, catering convenience, or because the plaque location is in a busy public space (e.g. a train station), that dedication ceremonies are held in a place other than where the plaque will finally be mounted. Dedication ceremonies have been held in hotels, corporate auditoriums, town squares, to name a few.  Often the plaques are presented on stands or eisels during the ceremony, then mounted later; sometimes they are unveiled in situ.  Every situation is different, choice of venue is left to the discretion of the ceremony planners.

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