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Milestones:Milestone Program Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does it take 8 weeks to cast the plaque?

We want to allow time for the plaque citation to be checked carefully, not only by History Center staff, but also by the nominators and the IEEE organizational units. This sometimes involves many sets of eyes, and time for revisions and corrections.  Once the plaque text is approved, the foundry's casting schedule depends on workflow, and whether they are casting large orders for other clients.  Once cast, the plaque has to be burnished, finished, and patinaed. Shipping times must also be accounted for.

What are the payment methods the sponsoring IEEE Organizational Unit may use to pay for the plaque(s)?

Plaques may be paid for by five methods: Check, credit card (Visa or Mastercard), wire transfer, transfer to IEEE History Center account from IEEE organizational unit account, or by deduction from section rebate.