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Milestone-Nomination:TIROS 1

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Docket Number: 2009-03

Proposal Link:

Proposed Citation in English, with title and text. Text absolutely limited to 70 words; 60 is preferable for aesthetic reasons. NOTE: The IEEE History Committee shall have final determination on the wording of the citation

Absolutely limited to 75 words; 60 is preferable for aesthetic reasons. NOTE: Whether or not the nominator suggests a citation, The IEEE History Committee shall have final determination of the wording of the citation.

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RCA Laboratories developed TV Vidicon cameras.  RCA Camden developed cameras and recorders under USASCRDL classified contracts.  In 1958 RCA Astro, under NASA direction, designed the spacecraft: structure, communications, controls, power supply using solar and battery cells, momentum adjust devices, and horizon sensors.  On <st1:date month="4" day="1" year="1960">April 1, 1960</st1:date> RCA Astro, NASA, and Lockheed teams launched TIROS 1, the world’s first weather satellite.<o:p></o:p>

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<st1:date month="4" day="1" year="2010">APRIL 1, 2010</st1:date><o:p></o:p>

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Historic significance of this work: its importance to the evolution of electrical and computer engineering and science and its importance to regional/national/international development.

Answer on a separate sheet, with references and full citations, and include supporting material in an electronic format (GIF, JPEG, PNG, PDF, DOC) which can be made available on the IEEE History Center’s Web site to historians, scholars, students, and interested members of the public. All supporting materials must be in English, or if not in English, accompanied by an English translation. If you are including images or photographs as part of the supporting material, it is necessary that you list the copyright owner.

What features or characteristics set this work apart from similar achievements?

Please attach a letter in English, or with English translation, from the site owner giving permission to place IEEE milestone plaque on the property.

The letter is necessary in order to process your nomination form. Click the Attachments tab to upload your letter.