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Links to Related Sites in the History of Technology

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Links to Related Sites in the History of Technology

BROADCASTING  American Museum of Radio" Chronology of Magnetic Recording" Clark, George C. Radioana Collection Dead Recording Media" Digital TV: A Cringley Crash Course"  Early Television Foundation" Hammond Museum of Radio" Histoire de la Television" History of the Quartz Crystal Industry" MZTV Museum of Television" Recording Technology History" Surfing the Aether: Radio, Broadcasting Technology History" Television History - The First 75 Years" United States Early Radio History" Virtual Gramophone 

COMMUNICATIONS" Atlanta Telephone History" Antique Wireless Association Museum"" Bill's 200-Year Condensed History of Telecommunications" Cyber Telephone Museum" Fiber Optics Chronology" History of the Atlantic Cable; Submarine Telegraphy" Museum of Independent Telephony  Post and Tele Museum, Copenhagen, Denmark" Telecom History"  Telecommunications History" Telephone Collectors International" Telephone Tribute" Tribute to Morse Telegraphy" Underwater Web: Cabling the Seas (Smithsonian Site)

COMPUTING" American Computer Museum" Australian Computer Museum Society Inc." Bletchley Park" Calculating Machines" Charles Babbage Institute" Chip Collection, The" Computer History Museum" Computer Museum of America" Computer Research Association" target="_ENIAC 60 Anniversary Celebration" Historical Computer Society" HCS Virtual Computer History Museum" target="_History of Computing:Konrad Zuses Computers" IEEE Computer Society: Key Events in the History of Computing" J.A.N. Lee's History of Computing Page" Making the Macintosh: Technology and Culture in Silicon Valley" Mauchly and the Development of ENIAC" Museum of Hewlett-Packard Calculators" Old Calculator Web Museum"  SI/NMAH: Computer History Collection  Software History Center" The Computer that Changed the World" Transistorized 

  CONSUMER ELECTRONICS" DigicamHistory.Com" Simply Switch on...! 

COOL STUFF" BrainPOP" Brief History of the Microwave" The DTE Energy Kids Club" Discover Engineering Online" Exploratorium" Exploratorium Science Snacks - Electricity" Faraday Lecture Series" How Stuff Works  How a Capacitor Works" Invention Dimension!" target=" Liberty Science Center" Museum Electropolis" Museum of Science" Newfoundland Science Centre" New York Hall of Science" Smithsonian Institution's Kids' Castle" target=" St. Louis Science Center" The Morris Museum" The Space Place" The Toaster Museum" The Works]"  Try Science" United States Patent and Trademark Office: Kids' Page" Is your school involved in the FIRST program? Learn more...

CORPORATE HISTORY" AT&T: A Brief History" AT&T Technology History" BBC History" Bell Laboratories History" Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies Heritage Page" GE Corporate History" Hewlett Packard History" target=" IBM History" Kennedy Space Center" Microsoft Visitors Center,,115-110,00.html" Motorola Timeline
" >NASA" >NASA History Office" RAND: 50 Years of Service to the Nation" Sarnoff Corporation History" Siemens Corporation History" Tennessee Valley Authority: Electricity for All!" Texas Instruments History" Thomson Corporation" Westinghouse History" target=" IEEE Cincinnati Section Historical Articles" Global Museum" Journal of the Association for History and Computing" Project MUSE

ELECTRONIC JOURNALS" Technology and Culture

ELECTRICITY" Bakken Library and Museum" Life, the Universe and the Electron" Powering a Generation of Change (NMAH)" Ridiculously Brief History of Electricity and Magnetism" Sketches of a History of Classical Electromagnetism (Optics,
Magnetism, Electricity, Electromagnetism)" Theater of Electricity" Voltage Circuit Simulator

GENERAL" Canadian History of Technology" History of Science on the WWW

Devices (PDF, 18.44 MB)" History of IEEE Broadcast Technology
IEEE_Edit/IEEE/iportals/aboutus/history_center/conferences/comsoc/index.xml History of IEEE Communications Society"
History of IEEE Computer Society
" History" History of IEEE Control Systems Society" History of IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility Society
IEEE_Edit/IEEE/iportals/aboutus/history_center/historical_publications/embs.xml" History of IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society" History of IEEE Geoscience and Remote
Sensing Society" History of IEEE Industrial Electronics Society" History of IEEE Laser Electro-Optics Society
">History">History of IEEE Nuclear and Plasma Sciences Society History of IEEE Peru Section
" History" History of IEEE Power Electronics Society
History History of IEEE Power and Energy Society
">History">History of IEEE Region 3" History of IEEE Region 7 (IEEE Canada)" History of IEEE Region 10
">History">History of IEEE Sensors Council" History of IEEE Signal Processing Society
">History">History of IEEE Solid-State Circuits Society
" IEEE*USA" IEEE*USA History" IEEE Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics, and Frequency Control Society

INTERNET" Histoire de l'Internet" History of LISTSERV" History of the World Wide Web" Hobbes' Internet Timeline" Internet Background and Basics" Internet History: 1962-1992" Keith Lynch's Timeline of Net Related Terms, Concepts, Stories, and People" Netizens: On the History and Impact of the Net" PLATO: The Emergence of Online Community" Vint Cerf: The Father of the Internet

INVENTORS"  A D V E N T U R E S in C Y B E R S O U N D" Alan Turing" Alexander Graham Bell Family Papers at The Library of Congress" Alexander Graham Bell's Path to the Telephone" Blacks in Technology: Past and Present"  Charles Brush and the Arc Light" Claude Shannon Tribute" Earl Bakken Biographical Website" Edison Memorial Tower and Menlo Park Museum" Edison National Historic Site" Edison, Thomas A. Papers (Rutgers University)" Edison, Thomas A. Sesquicentennial Booklet" Einstein Archives Online" Historical EE Patents" Invention Dimension" Inventure Place:National Inventors Hall of Fame" Jerome B. Wiesner" Marconi Calling" MIT Lemelson Invention Dimension" Tesla (Nikola) Site" Tesla: Master of Lightning!" Triumph of the Nerds" Wilson Greatbatch Ltd. History

MUSEUMS" from the National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution: "History Wired"" Center for the History of Physics" Baltimore Museum of Industry" Buffalo Museum of Science" David Sarnoff Library" Deutsches Museum - Bonn" Deutsches Museum - Munich" Dibner Institute and Burndy Library" European Museum on Computer Science, Technology" Franklin Institute" Georgetown Energy Museum" German Museum of Technology - Berlin" Hagley Museum and Library
" Heinz" Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum" Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village
" Historic" Historic Speedwell" Historical Electronics Museum" InfoAge Learning Center" Intel Museum" The Lemelson Center, Smithsonian Institution" Library of Congress: American Memory" Linda Hall Library" MIT Museum" Military Communications and Electronics Museum" Museum of American Heritage" Museum of the History of Science, Oxford" Museum of Science and Industry" National Museum of American History" Natl.Museum of Science and Technology, Ottawa" National Science & Technology Museum, Taiwan, ROC" New England Wireless and Steam Museum" Pavek Museum of Broadcasting"> Rahmi M Koc Museum, Istanbul"> Robot Museum" Schenectady Museum" Science Museum, London" Smithsonian Institution" Sources of Information: Museums and the Internet" Tech Museum of Innovation" Virtual Synthesizer Museum" Virtuellen Museum fur Industriekultur

ORAL HISTORY COLLECTIONS" Auburn University EE Oral History Project" Australian Academy of Science Oral Histories" Bancroft Library:Regional Oral History Office" Broadcast Pioneers - Library of American Broadcasting" Charles Babbage Institute Oral History Program" Columbia University Oral History Research Office" H-Net: H-OralHist Projects (By Subject)" Indiana University Oral History Research Center " Johnson Space Center Oral History Collection [" Karelia Oral Histories (in Russian)" Niels Bohr Library Oral History Interview Abstracts" Oral History Association" Princeton Mathematics
Community in the 1930s: An Oral History Project" Rutgers University Oral History Archives of World War II" Smithsonian Institution:National Air & Space Museum" Smithsonian Institution:Lemelson Center" Texas A&M University Collection
" UCLA" UCLA Oral History Program" University of Connecticut Center for Oral History" WISE Archive: Oral History Project

PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS" Audio Engineering Society Historical Committee" Electric Power Research Institute" Eta Kappa Nu" FEANI: European Federation of National Engineering Associations" History of Science Society" ICOHTEC: International Committee for the History of Technology" Internet Society (ISOC)" Institution of Electrical Engineers (UK)" The Mecurians" National Institute of Standards & Technology" Newcomen Society" SHOT: Society for the History of Technology" Western Reserve Historical Society

TIMELINES" History Channel Technology Timeline" Millennium Timeline of
Space and Astronomy" Telecom Timeline

WOMEN IN ENGINEERING" Center for Women & Information Technology" Extraordinary Women Engineers" Grace Murray Hopper" IEEE Women in Engineering Committee" Institute for Women and Technology" Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day" Past Notable Women of Computing" Society of Women Engineers" WISE Archives on Women: Oral History Project" Women of NASA" Women in Science and Engineering