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Internet and Social's Influence on Programming Evolution

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Internet and Social's Influence on Programming Evolution

What I plan to discover from my research

How the internet and the influence of social media and social websites have influenced the growth, changes, and paradigm shifts in Programming. From the days of C++ only to how now we have hundreds of programming languages all focusing on web programming and social interaction. Along with the recent re-emergence of Functional Programming as a popular solution to handle massive data sets and processing.

Research Plan

  • Search for factual information through Wikipedia's sources and various online websites
  • Attempt to interview various people in the programming world, like the inventors of various programming languages and platforms. Node.js, Javascript, Python, Java, Ruby, etc.
  • Find out how the general masses of programmers helped push these shifts into mainstream.
  • Get more information on the various changes in thought that the internet and social media brought, how programmers adapted, and how it changed programmers priorities on what to use and what was needed.

By Yulian Kuncheff