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IEEE Toledo Section History

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Toledo Section Officers

Officers of the Toledo Section of AIEE 1907-

Year Chair Secretary
1907 W.G. Nagel Geo. C. Kirk

Officers of the Toledo Section of the IRE 1948-62

Year Chairman Secretary
1948 W.M. Stringfellow M.W. Keck
1949 A.M. Okum R.G. Larson
1950 M.W. Keck E.V. Birk
1951 H.N. Rowe R.G. Larson
1952 W.M. Stringfellow G.H. Eash
1953 R.G. Larson R.E. Weber
1954 L.S. Rynder L.R. Klopfenstein
1955 L.R. Klopfenstein D.F. Cameron
1956 M.E. Rosencrantz L.B. Chapman
1957 H.L. Nevert K.P. Herrick
1958 H.L. Nevert K.P. Herrick
1959 K.P. Herrick R.B. Williams, Jr. 
1960 K.P. Herrick R.B. Williams, Jr.
1961 R.N. Hanna H.K. Seike
1962 R.B. Williams, Jr.  H.R. Holmes

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