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IEEE Tellers Committee History

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<p>[[Media:Tellers_comm.pdf|List of Tellers Committee members, 1963 – present]] </p>
<p>[[Media:Tellers_comm.pdf|List of Tellers Committee members, 1963 – present]] </p>
<p>[[Category:IEEE]] [[Category:Governance]] [[Category:Committees]]</p>
[[Category:IEEE|Tellers]] [[Category:Governance|Tellers]] [[Category:Committees|Tellers]]

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IEEE Tellers Committee History

The IEEE Tellers Committee, a standing committee of the IEEE Board of Directors, supervises the processing of ballots received and the tallying of the votes on matters normally on the annual election ballot submitted to the membership of IEEE or to groups of members for a vote. The Tellers Committee also supervises the processing and tallying of any petitions received that are to be part of the IEEE annual election ballot. The Committee also has other related duties as are delegated to it by resolution of the Board of Directors.

List of Tellers Committee members, 1963 – present