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IEEE San Diego Section History

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The San Diego Section is located in Region 6.


In June 2012, the San Diego Section formed a IEEE Broadcast Technology Society Chapter.

Student Branches

The student branch located at the University of Santa Barbara, formed an IEEE Photonics Society Chapter in June 2012.

Past Officers 

Past Chairmen of AIEE and IEEE San Diego Section
Org.  Year Name
AIEE 1939 L.M. Klauber
AIEE 1940 F.F. Evenson
1941 Walter L. Bryant
AIEE 1942 Clem J. Nevitt
AIEE 1943 Bruce B. Gravitt
AIEE 1944 Willis T. Johnson
AIEE  1945 Willis Kenline

1946 R.R. Ritchie
AIEE 1947 Charles F. McCabe
AIEE 1948 G.E. Jenner
AIEE 1949 Herbert A. Cordes
AIEE 1950 Joseph F. Sinnott
AIEE 1951 J. Paul Conner
AIEE 1952 O.L. Doolittle
AIEE 1953 Aylmer H. Keith
AIEE 1954 I.E. McDougal
AIEE 1955 E.F. Kotnik
1956 E.B. Love
1957 B.A. Weiss
IRE, AIEE 1958 L.L. LaZelle
AIEE 1959 M.R. Marston
IRE, AIEE 1960 J.W. Crooks, Jr. 
AIEE 1961 L.R. Knerr
AIEE 1962 R.W. Kinslow
AIEE 1963 Alvord Paull
IRE 1964 Kennth R. O'Neal

Past Chairmen of the IRE San Diego Section
Org.  Year Name
AIEE 1945 Edwin B. Robinson
IRE, AIEE 1946 David C. Kalbfell
IRE 1947 Rawson Bennett
IRE, AIEE 1948 Clyde W. Tirrell
IRE 1949 Louis G. Trolese
IRE 1950 Dr. Evertt W. Thatcher
IRE 1951 John P. Day
IRE 1952 Victor Welge
IRE 1953 Chesney R. Moe
IRE 1954 William S. Ivans
IRE 1955 Francis X. Byrnes
IRE 1956 Robert A Kirkman
IRE 1957 Edward J. Moore
IRE 1958 Allan H. Drayner
IRE 1959 Raymond J. Cary
IRE 1960 Robert E. Honer
IRE 1961 David G. DeHaas
IRE, AIEE 1962 Edmond W. Carlson

Archive Documents

IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - San Diego[1]

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