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IEEE Saint Louis Section History

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The Saint Louis Section has been in existence for over 100 years as part of IEEE. The section encompasses a large territory stretching from Hannibal, MO, to Carbondale, IL, to the Missouri boot heel, to Rolla, to Columbia-and a small stretch along I-70 to the Indiana border. As of 2008, they had over 2600 IEEE members in the Section.

Past Chairmen


2011 Bob Becnel
2010 Keith Corzine
2009 Tyria Riley
2008 H.S. Mallikarjuna
2007 Jim Bornholdt
2006 Ken Owens
2005 Robert Menzel
2004 Bob Leavene
2003 Steve Watkins
2002 Gregory Murden
2001 Roobik Gharabagi
2000 George Zobrist
1999 Shirley Cheng
1998 Dave Massey
1997 Hardy Pottinger
1996 Bill Schallert
1995 Craig Hartmann
1994 Joseph O'Sullivan
1993 Gary R Fuerst
1992 Jim Hahn
1991 Dave Muren?
1990 Rick Butler?
1988-1989 Bob Schnell
1986-1987 Arthur E Goldberger Jr
1985-1986 Don Cramer
1984-1985 Gary Shannon
1983-1984 Cliff Skouby
1982-1983 Ed Bertnolli


1958 C E Mosley
1957 F W Swantz
1956 F A Fillmore
1955 R W Benson
1954 E F O'Hare
1953 H J Hicks
1952 H G Wise
1951 C E Harrison
1950 L A Mollman
1949 G M Cummings
1948 R L Coe (P) Radio Station KSD
1947 S H Van Wambeck (P)
1946 B B Miller
1945 N B Flowler Chairman, Carl F Meyer Vice Ch - Radio Station KFUO
1944 Nicholas J Zehr (P) Radio Station KWK
1943 P S McDaniel
1941 St. Louis Section of IRE established


1923-1963 unknown
1922 C C Robinson
1917 A McR Harrelson, Chief Engineer, Emerson Electric Manufacturing Co.
1916 Walter O Pennell, Acting Chief Engineer-S.W.Bell Telephone System
1914 Francis James Bullivant, Chief Engineer Valley Electric Company
1913 A McR Harrelson
1911 R. S. Pattison, Emerson Electric Manufacturing Co.
1903 Section Established as Branch of AIEE by Winder Elwel Goldsborough, Chief of the Department of Electricity at the Louisiana Exposition, usually referred to as the 1904 World's Fair.


P. picture available

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