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IEEE Mexico Section History

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AIEE Mexico Section Officers

Year Chair Secretary
1923-1925 D.K. Lewis E.F. Lopez
1926 E.F. Lopez . Larralde
1927 Carlos Macias G. Solis-Payan
1928-1929 P.M. McCullough F. Aubert
1930 G. Solis-Payan E. Leonarz, Jr.
1931 B.F. Arias L. Castro, Jr.
1932 E.F. Lopez L. Castro, Jr.
1933 W.A. Schultenburg L. Castro, Jr.
1934 C.E. Plumb L. Castro, Jr.
1935 M.W. Pollock F.P. Teuscher
1936 A. Aubert E.R. Ericsson
1937 F.P. Teuscher E.M. Gonzalez
1938 C.E. Plumb C. Santacruz
1939-1941 C. Santacruz C.C. Jagou
1942 J.. Olmedo G. Robles
1943 F.A. Nava F. Aubert
1944-1945 F.A. Nava Oscar R. Enriquez
1946 O.R. Enriquez Antonio Baca
1947-1948 Manuel M. DeLascurain George B. Doughman
1949 E.D. Luque F. Aubert
1950 F. Aubert G. Fortoul
1951 Gonzalo Fortoul C.R. Arguelles
1952-1953 J.. Olmeda .V. Molstrom
1954 I. de Allende Pinuela S. Ordonez Lezama
1955 Hector Martinez D'Meza
1956 G.S. Payan A.W. Gelbke
1957 Julio Colon G.G. Santaella
1958 A.F. Busto G. Solis-Payan
1959 F. Aubert J. Colon
1960-1962 J.R. Sanchez-Zarazua A. Romero Ferrer

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