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IEEE Indonesia Section History

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IEEE Indonesia Section is a part of the IEEE, which is responsible for all IEEE members in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia. IEEE Indonesia Section is part of Region 10, which operates in the Asia Pacific region. It was formed on 16 February 1988. The Indonesia section is not represented on any Council.

The Indonesia Section has the following Chapters:

  • Computer Society Chapter
  • Communications Society Chapter
  • Circuits and Systems Chapter
  • Engineering in Medicine and Biology Chapter
  • Join Chapter of Education Society / Electron Devices Society / Power Electronics Society / Signal Processing Society
  • Join chapter of Microwave Theory / Antennas & Propagation
  • Join chapter of Control System / Robotics & Automation

Section Officers

Period Chair Chair's Institution
1988 Ir. Sukarno Abdulrachman DG Post & Telecommunication
1989 - 1990 Ir. Djauhari Ahmad
1991 - 1993 Dr.Ir. Wahidin Wahab Universitas Indonesia
1994 Dr. Ir. Arifin Nugroho Telkom Indonesia
1995 - 1996 Dr. Ir. Wahidin Wahab Universitas Indonesia
1997 - 1998 Dr. Ir. Djamhari Sirat Universitas Indonesia
1999 - 2000 Dr.Ir. Wahidin Wahab Universitas Indonesia
2001 - 2002 Prof. Dr. Ir. Dadang Gunawan, M.Eng. Universitas Indonesia
2003 - 2005 Dr.Ir. Wahidin Wahab Universitas Indonesia
2006 - 2008 Arief Hamdani Gunawan, ST, MSi Telkom Indonesia
2009-2010 Arnold Ph Djiwatampu TT Tel
2011-2012 Muhammad A Murti, MT Institut Teknologi Telekomunikasi
2013 Kuncoro Wastuwibowo, Ir, MSc Telkom Indonesia

Archival documents

IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - Indonesia