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IEEE Hungary Section History

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[ Link to Section Homepage]  
[ Link to Section Homepage]  
[[Media:IEEE_Geographic_Unit_Organizing_Document_-_Hungary.pdf|IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - Hungary]]
[[Media:IEEE_Geographic_Unit_Organizing_Document_-_Hungary.pdf|IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - Hungary]]<br />[[Media:Membership.jpg|Membership.jpg]]

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Establishment of Section

IEEE Hungarian Section was funded in 1987. Academician T. Vámos was its first chairman.
By the help of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences the problem of the membership fee’s payment caused by the non convertibility of the domestic currency could be resolved.
In 1993 chairman T. Roska opened the local office of IEEE int he presence of Region 8 Director Charles Turner. Until the closure of the office due to the high rent, it served the local members with a wide choice of information material.
In the 1990-s MOU-s were signed with the Hungarian sister societies on the cooperation and reduction of membership fees. The list of the sister societies included: John von Neumann Computer Society (NJSZT), Hungarian Electrotechnical Association (MEE), Scientific Society for Measurement, Automation and Informatics (MATE) and Scientific Association for Infocommunication Hungary (MATE).
In the 1990-s under the chairmanship of I. Fodor the legal status of the Hungarian Section was settled and the Society of Electrical Engineers Hungary/ IEEE HS was registered.

List of chairpersons of HS

Chairman Deputy chair Secretary Treasurer
1987-1989 T. Vámos T. Roska
1990-1991 G. Bán T. Roska J. Bitó
1991-1993 T. Roska L. P. Timár L. P. Timár
1994-1998 P. Arató J. Bitó G. Péceli I. Rudas
1998-2000 I. Fodor G. Péceli P. Szolgay G. Zeisler
2001-2002 G. Péceli I. Kerekes Gy. Román A. Szakál
2003-2004 I. Kerekes P. Szolgay I. Krómer P. Kádár
2005-2008 I. Krómer I. Rudas P. Kádár A. Szakál
2009- I. Rudas P. Kádár, I. Vajda G. Szederkényi G. Szederkényi

Membership – graphic representation- students and high levels

HS chapters

Circuits, System & Computers Joint Chapter CAS004 - Kolumbán Géza
Computational Intelligence CIS011 - Fodor János
Component Packaging and Manufacturing Technology, joint chapter with Romania CPMT021 - Illyefalvy-Vitéz Zsolt
Industrial Applications IA034 - Váradiné Dr Szarka Angéla
Industrial Electronics & Robotics and Automation Joint Chapter IE013+RE024 - Tar József
Instrumentation and Measurement & Engineering in Medicine and Biology and Joint Chapter IM009+EMB018 - Dr. Dobrowiecki Tadeusz
Microwave Theory and Techniques/Education/Antennas and Propagation/CompSoc Joint Chapter MTT017+E025+
+AP003+C016 - Nagy Lajos
Power Engineering PE031 - Jermendy László
Systems, Men and Cybernetics SMC028 - Horváth László



Link to Section Homepage

IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - Hungary