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IEEE Founders Medal

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*[[Oral-History:James Gibbons|James F. Gibbons]], 2011
*[[Oral-History:James Gibbons|James F. Gibbons]], 2011
[[Category:IEEE]] [[Category:Awards & fellow activities]]
[[Category:IEEE|Founders]] [[Category:Awards & fellow activities|Founders]]

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About the Medal

The IEEE Founders Medal was established by the Institute of Radio Engineers in 1952. It derives its character and purpose from the inspiring example of leadership and service set by the three founders of the Institute, Alfred N. Goldsmith, who was Director Emeritus and Editor Emeritus of IEEE, and Messrs. John V. L. Hogan and Robert Marriott.

This purpose is perhaps best expressed by the citation that accompanied the first award, which read in part: "For outstanding contributions to the profession and to the Institute through wise and courageous leadership in the planning and administration of technical developments."

The progress of a profession rests not only on the technical abilities of its members, but on the qualities of leadership and dedication which they possess. It is therefore highly appropriate that among the major awards of IEEE, there is one which brings deserved recognition to these important attributes.

Award Recipients