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IEEE El Paso Section History

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AIEE El Paso Section Officers

Year Chair Secretary
1940 I.W. Best F.A. Decker
1952 George Yelderman R.L. Riese
1953 R.L. Riese N.C. Peyton
1954 F.L. Gutsch Frank E. Gray
1955 C.C. Homan, Jr. H.L. Penley
1956 Norman Peyton Richard Combs
1957 Frank E. Gray H.A. Wilson
1958 R.L. Combs J.R. Hoffman
1959 H.A. Wilson, Jr. L. Backer
1960-1961 J.R. Hoffman R.L. Brewer
1962 R.L. Brewer H.L. Pollard

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IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - El Paso Section