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IEEE Corpus Christi Section History

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Officers of Texas Sections and Sub-Sections

Officers of San Antonio Section - AIEE
Year Chairman Secretary
1930-31 D.W. Flowers Eugene Bissett
1931-32 J.E. Woods D.E. Woods
1932-33 I.A. Uhr W.L. Eyres
1933-34 V.H. Braunig R.J. Foley
1934-35 J.W. Farrelly E.G. Conroy
1935-36 R.J. Foley M.H. Lovelady
1936-37 E.G. Conroy O.W. Sommers
1937-38 M.H. Lovelady Louis Thein
1938-39 O.W. Sommers W.L. Eyres
1939-40 Bro. L.P. Thein Eugene Bissett
1940-41 N.B. Gussett W.F. Pinkert

Officers of the South Texas Section - AIEE
Year Chairman Secretary
1941-42 R.W. Warner G.E. Schmitt
1942-43 W.F. Pinkert F.D. Zalmanzig
1943-44 G.E. Schmitt S.R. Friedsam
1944-45 I.A. Uhr O.T. Lodal
1945-46 N. Bernard Gussett Robert M. Eichner
1946-47 O.T. Lodal C.G. Krause

Officers of the Corpus Christi Section
Year Chairman Secretary
1947-48 George A. Mills
1948-49 George A. Mills Thomas E. Duce
1949-50 A.B. Weaver J.H. Watts, Jr.
1950-51 M.D. Jester J.E. Deam
1951-52 Thomas E. Duce J.R. Dickey

Further Reading

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