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IEEE Columbia Section History

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(this is the Columbia, SC section, not Colombia the country in South America)
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[ Link to Section Homepage]  
[ Link to Section Homepage]  
== Background  ==
The IEEE Columbia Section is located in Region 9, and is represented by the ?? Council.
== Chapters &amp; Affinity Groups  ==
In February 2011, the Universidad Technologica de Bolivar, Cartagena established a Women in Engineering affinity Group.
A Chapter in the Social Implications of Technology was established in May 2010.
== Student Branches  ==
*Technologico Pascual Bravo Institucion Universitaria, Medellin. A chapter of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society was established here in February 2011.
*Universidad Technologica de Bolivar, Cartagena.
== Document Archive  ==
== Document Archive  ==

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Link to Section Homepage

Document Archive

IEEE Geographic Unit Organizing Document - Columbia