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GHN:IEEE GHN Image Policy

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The IEEE History Center maintains a photo archive that contains on the order of 5,200 images of people, events, and technologies significant to the history of electrical technology. You may search for these images on the IEEE Global History Network by topic or keyword.  You may also find these images accompanying the text of articles.

Most contents on the GHN are governed by the Creative Commons License (basically contents can be copied freely as long as proper credit is given and no commercial use is made of the material).

When a image is uploaded, an image page is created. That page should contain information as to the IP status of the image, i.e. a clear indication that there are no IP constraints with the image. We place the responsibility on the user.

For policies regarding reuse permissions for images on the GHN, please see GHN policies.

When reusing an image which is copyright IEEE, our only requirement is that the IEEE copyright line:

(© [Year] IEEE)

appears prominently immediately next to, or under, each image.