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GHN:IEEE GHN Image Policy

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The Center maintains a photo archive that contains on the order of 5,200 images of people, events, and technologies significant to the history of electrical technology. Copies of photographs are available for research and publication purposes. 

IEEE History Center Photo Research Policy

The IEEE History Center offers a photo research service for clients interested in images of people and objects related to the history of electrical technology. (The term "client" is understood to include IEEE members and IEEE staff, as well as parties not associated with the IEEE.) The Center shall charge a flat fee of $50 for photo research assistance, plus an hourly charge of $35/hour for every hour after the first that the project requires. This fee may be waived at the discretion of Center staff, who shall be encouraged to offer complimentary service to IEEE clients (members and staff) requesting searches that are judged "routine."

This policy applies only to images which are IEEE copyright and to images which are government copyright, or images which are in the public domain.  It does not apply to images other contributors have uploaded to the IEEE Global History Network

In cases where the History Center is able to meet the client's need with an image that is the property of the Center (e.g. The History Center is able to produce a physical copy from its own archives and the IEEE holds the copyright or is otherwise not barred from reproducing the image by either relevant copyright law or the policy of the copyright holder), then the Center can offer to deliver copies of the image. Delivery shall usually be on the terms of a sale, although loans of photographs are possible when the relationship with the client warrants such cooperation, as, for example, with IEEE staff departments. The prices for sale of photographs (and images in other formats) shall be determined by the intended use and the physical specifications of the delivered image. The basic terms for sale of a photograph shall be $40 for one-time, non-commercial use of an 8"x10" black and white print. Images purchased under different terms shall carry prices which shall be determined by Center staff on a case-by-case basis in conformity with guidelines established by a photograph price schedule. In cases where the client orders photographs, the research fee shall be applied to the cost of the photos. Prints may take 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the work load of the outside photographic service the Center uses.

                                                            Photograph Price Schedule

Commercial use                       One-Time Use                             Unlimited Use

High Resolution Scan                     $70.00                                       $200.00

8" X 10" Print                                 $70.00                

16" x 20"  Print                              $95.00

Non-Commercial or low-profit use

High Resolution Scan                      $35.00                                    $100.00

8" X 10" Print                                  $40.00 

16" x 20" Print                                $55.00

For more information, contact the Center at