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First-Hand:History of the GHN

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The Primer Global Network for the History of the Development of Electrotechnology

The Global History Network (GHN) is a service of the IEEE History Committee to facilitate the sharing of the first-hand experiences of the thousands of individuals across the world who have developed the electronology innovation and excellence that continues to bring great benifit to humanity.

Sponsored by the IEEE and the IEEE Foundation, the GHN is dedicated to the free and open exchange of the information that describes the vision, creativity, invention, and innovation of individuals. The first hand experiences of these individuals have enabled the growth of industries and organizations that produce the products and services that have becone common place across much of the world.

The GHN emerged in the search to share with the public the history of the partivipation of IEEE members in the development of the industries and products represented in the activities of the IEEE. The concept of a wiki to support the sharing of first-hand experiences of the developers of electrotechnology provided the opportunity to create a global history service. A service that would facilitate the the participation of the many individuals throuhout the world with the diverse talents necessary to produce the products and services enjoyed by the public. The capability fof the wiki to also support the interaction of the public with those who share their first-hand experiences opens a new approach to the study of history.