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Eldo C. Koenig

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Eldo C. Koenig, motor-generator design section, Electrical Department, Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company, Milwaukee, Wis., has been awarded the Alfred Noble Prize for 1951 for his paper "An Electric Analogue Computer Using the Photo Cell as a Non-Linear Element." The prize was presented to him at the AIEE Winter General Meeting. He was born in Marissa, Ill., on October 11, 1919, and was graduated from Washington University in 1943 with a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering. He received a master of science degree in electrical engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1949. He joined the Allis-Chalmers Manufacturing Company in 1943 as a test engineer on equipment for the atomic diffusion plant. After the end of World War II: Mr. Koenig was later transferred to the Electrical Department.