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== Subcategories ==
== Subcategories ==
*'''[[:Category:Audio user interfaces|Audio user interfaces]]'''
*'''[[:Category:Audio user interfaces|Audio user interfaces]]''' - computer interfaces that allow users to interact through audio as opposed to visual commands
*'''[[:Category:Brain computer interfaces|Brain computer interfaces]]'''
*'''[[:Category:Brain computer interfaces|Brain computer interfaces]]''' - also called direct neural interface, direct communication between the brain and an electronic system
*'''[[:Category:Data visualization|Data visualization]]'''
*'''[[:Category:Data visualization|Data visualization]]''' - the use of graphical displays to simplify and clarify data
*'''[[:Category:Emotion recognition|Emotion recognition]]'''
*'''[[:Category:Emotion recognition|Emotion recognition]]''' - the ability of a computer to recognize and respond to human emotions
*'''[[:Category:Graphical user interfaces|Graphical user interfaces]]'''
*'''[[:Category:Graphical user interfaces|Graphical user interfaces]]''' - GUI, visual computer interfaces that use images instead of text or other commands
*'''[[:Category:Human computer interaction|Human computer interaction]]'''
*'''[[:Category:Human computer interaction|Human computer interaction]]''' - communication between computers and humans
*'''[[:Category:Smart cards|Smart cards]]'''
*'''[[:Category:Smart cards|Smart cards]]''' - cards with integrated circuits that can provide identification and memory retention functions

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User interfaces describe the ways in which a human can interface with a machine, such as through graphical user interfaces (GUIs) or audio user interfaces.


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