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== Subcategories ==
== Subcategories ==
*'''[[:Category:Energy barrier|Energy barrier]]'''
*'''[[:Category:Energy barrier|Energy barrier]]''' - also known as activation energy, the height of the potential barrier
*'''[[:Category:Energy capture|Energy capture]]'''
*'''[[:Category:Energy capture|Energy capture]]''' - the process of harnessing energy from external sources
*'''[[:Category:Energy consumption|Energy consumption]]'''
*'''[[:Category:Energy consumption|Energy consumption]]''' - the process of consuming energy through electrical or mechanical devices
*'''[[:Category:Energy conversion|Energy conversion]]'''
*'''[[:Category:Energy conversion|Energy conversion]]''' - the process of converting energy from one form to another
*'''[[:Category:Energy dissipation|Energy dissipation]]'''
*'''[[:Category:Energy dissipation|Energy dissipation]]''' - the process of losing energy over time
*'''[[:Category:Energy exchange|Energy exchange]]'''
*'''[[:Category:Energy exchange|Energy exchange]]''' - the process of transferring energy from one source to another
*'''[[:Category:Energy management|Energy management]]'''
*'''[[:Category:Energy management|Energy management]]''' - processes and strategies dealing with the control of energy
*'''[[:Category:Energy resources|Energy resources]]'''
*'''[[:Category:Energy resources|Energy resources]]''' - natural resources for energy such as fossil fuel
*'''[[:Category:Energy states|Energy states]]'''
*'''[[:Category:Energy states|Energy states]]''' - levels of energy activity in relation to the configuration of particles
*'''[[:Category:Energy storage|Energy storage]]'''
*'''[[:Category:Energy storage|Energy storage]]''' - aspects of dealing with the storage of energy

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Topics pertaining to energy as a whole including energy capture, energy dissipation and energy conversion



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