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Category:Biological topics

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Various topics dealing with general biology including animals, microorganisms and vegetation


  • Animals - a multi-cellular living organism that feeds on organic matter and is mobile
  • Biochemistry - the study of chemical processes in biological organisms
  • Bioelectric phenomena - the electric fields produced by living organisms
  • Biological cells - the functional unit of all known life
  • Biological information theory - the extension of information theory developed for communication to biological structures such as DNA and RNA
  • Biology computing - a field of study which examines information storage, sequences, and communication in biological organisms
  • Biophysics - a science that uses the methods of physics to examine biological organisms
  • Microorganisms - an organism that is unicellular or lives in a colony of unicelluar organisms
  • Predator prey systems - also known as Lotka-Volterra equations, a system in which only two species interact, one predator and one prey
  • Vegetation - the general term for the amount of plant life in a region, also referred to as the ground cover


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