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Archives:Papers of Antonio Pacinotti

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<p>[[Media:pacinotti - member bio.pdf|Member biography for Pacinotti]] </p>
<p>[[Media:pacinotti - member bio.pdf|Member biography for Pacinotti]] </p>
[[Category:Power, energy & industry application|Pacinotti]] [[Category:Power generation|Pacinotti]] [[Category:Generators|Pacinotti]]
[[Category:Energy|Pacinotti]] [[Category:Power generation|Pacinotti]] [[Category:Generators|Pacinotti]]

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Papers of Antonio Pacinotti: Archival document

American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Member biography for Pacinotti, New York, May 1934.

Member biography for Pacinotti, 1934, Biography, Pacinotti, Antonio, Box HB-112.

IEEE Archives, Piscataway, NJ.

Member biography for Pacinotti