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Archives:IEEE Merger Collection

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IEEE Merger Collection: Scope Note

Conducted by George Carlyle Sell, Grad. Student

Department of History and Sociology of Science University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19174 Autumn, 1978


This comprehensive list of finding-aids to nearly six hundred documents relating to the history of the IEEE, is designed for efficient access by users of these archives. A name and subject index following this list, is keyed to the finding-aids list. In that the finding-aids list is symmetrical with the organization of the archives, the index is, therefore, an index to the archival materials themselves.

The finding-aids list (and the archival materials, accordingly) is organized into eleven categories and fifty-nine subcategorizes. The numbering system is designed to reveal at a glance, the category and sub category, as well as the individual item number, for each document. The three part number designation for a document will have three number groups. For example, if a document is identified by the number 5.26.300,- the left-hand number group, 5, indicates the category, "Technical Operations and Meetings." The middle number group, 26, indicate the sub category, "Technical Group Structure - Organization Plans." The right-hand number group, 300, indicates the individual document number which is consecutive with other individual documents in the finding-aids list.

The index will refer the user to documents pertaining to the name or subject indexed. Documents will be referenced by individual document numbers only (i.e., the right-hand number group) unless an entire category or sub category is referenced, in which case the three part number will be indicated with the right-hand number group as zero (for example, 5.26.0). The finding aid table of contents shows the range of document numbers contained within each category in order to make easier locating any particular document by its document number.

The three part number system is also designed to provide effortless returning of documents to their proper order in the organized archive after use.

Subsequently added documents can either be placed in the appropriate location in the archives and given the three part number designation of the previous item with the addition of a letter (for example 5.26.300a), or a separate category can be created at the end of the present archival arrangement.

Table of Categories and Subcategories

1.0.0 INTERSOCIETY RELATIONS (Including Pre-1961 AIEE/IRE Relations) (#001-067)

1.1.0 Board of Directors and Executive Committee Meetings - Excerpts

1.2.0 Early AIEE/IRE Relations

1.3.0 Unity of Profession

1.4.0 Special Subcommittee on AIEE/IRE Interrelations

1.5.0 AIEE vs. IRE - Communications Div. Chairman's Letters - Coggeshall

1.6.0 Intersociety Relations Committee - AIEE

1.7.0 "Climate For AIEE"


2.8.0 Preliminary Organization

2.9.0 Study Groups - Reports

2.10.0 Fourteen-man Joint Merger Committee Selection

2.11.0 Fourteen-man Committee - Meetings and Associated Documents


3.12.0 IRE Board of Directors and Executive Committee Minutes

3.13.0 News Releases

3.14.0 News Articles - Merger

3.15.0 Executive Communications with General Membership

4.0.0 MERGER (General) (#189-299)

4.16.0 AIEE 'Townmeeting" and IRE "Symposium On Merger"

4.17.0 Correspondence Praising Merger

4.18.0 Merger Criticism - General

4.19.0 Merger Criticism - Brownlee's Letter

4.20.0 Criticism of Directors Slate

4.21.0 Merger at Section Level

4.22.0 Student Question

4.23.0 Merger Vote by Membership

4.24.0 Merger Documents - Revisions and Drafts

4.25.0 New Society Name and Emblem


5.26.0 Technical Group Structure - Organization Plans

5.27.0 Technical Publications Plans and Suggestions

5.28.0 Standards - Plans 5.29.0 Power Group

5.30.0 Nine-man Subcommittee Considerations - Merger of Technical Groups

5.31.0 Hickernell File

6.0.0 INSTITUTE OPERATIONS (Non-technical) (#338-360)

6.32.0 Staff Planning and Organization

6.33.0 IRE Committee List

6.34.0 Meetings Schedule - AIEE, IRE and IEEE

6.35.0 Reports of Secretary IRE 6.36.0 Regions and Sections - Planning

7.0.0 FISCAL MATTERS (#361-386)

7.37.0 Fiscal Operations - Planning

7.38.0 Budget Determinations - AIEE/IRE

7.39.0 Budget, IEEE 1963 - Planning

7.40.0 Publications as Budget Item

7.41.0 Dues Income Estimations

7.42.0 Institute Tax Status

8.0.0 MEMBERSHIP AFFAIRS (#387-411)

8.43.0 Membership Statistics

8.44.0 Membership Grades

8.45.0 Student Members and Branches

8.46.0 Professional Development and Recognition Department Plans

8.47.0 Professional Technical Group Guidelines

9.0.0 PUBLICATIONS (#412-441)

9.48.0 Publications Policy

9.49.0 Publication Statistics

10.0.0 LEGAL DOCUMENTS (#442-506)

10.50.0 Merger Resolution

10.51.0 Principles of Consolidation - Drafts

10.52.0 Constitution and Bylaws - IRE and AIEE

10.53.0 Constitution and Bylaws - IEEE

10.54.0 Merger Vote - Membership

10.55.0 Incorporation

10.56.0 Professional Conduct

10.57.0 United Engineering Building

11.0.0 POST-MERGER HINDSIGHTS (#507-576)

11.58.0 Merger Information - Collecting

11.59.0 Merger Information - Miscellaneous