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Alfred Fettweis

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[[Oral-History:Alfred Fettweis|Alfred Fettweis Oral History]]
[[Oral-History:Alfred Fettweis|Alfred Fettweis Oral History]]
[[Category:Computing and electronics|Fettweis]] [[Category:Signal processing|Fettweis]]

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Alfred Fettweis, professor emeritus at Ruhr-Universitaet in Bochum, Germany, has made seminal contributions to the circuits, systems and signal processing fields. His research has included work on wave digital filters that led to an increase in the functionality of microchips and has enabled the production of smaller-scale electronic components without sacrificing their capabilities. Companies such as Siemens have implemented his methods, including one of the first high volume Very-Large-Scale Integration (VLSI) chips for communications applications, through his wave digital filter (WDF) method, driving an increase in functionality and helping to spur innovation in a variety of fields. An IEEE Life Fellow, he holds some 30 patents and has authored and co-authored about 200 papers and two books. Dr. Fettweis has received numerous awards, including the Belevitch Award, the Van Valkenburg Award, the Technical Achievement Award, and the Darlington Award given by the IEEE Circuits and Systems Society.

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